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Why Aware?

Aware is short for awareness. Without awareness our worlds become narrow and small. In working to increase our awareness our horizons and our view of the world expands.  Aware Performance Group looks to assist in the development of awareness and psychological flexibility so that an individual or organization can fully and objectively understand their current situation or skills, and then formulate a plan from progression from that point. Aware Performance Group will look to bring awareness to purposeful and value driven behavior to best serve performance. Cory Cottrell and Billy Ryan have had their own experiences working independently before coming together to create Aware Performance Group LLC. Together they have combined experiences with a range of clients from; elite junior academies (Georgia Beach Volleyball, IJGA), NCAA (UGA, USCB, Trinity Western University) and NAIA athletes, International level amateur athletes, the United States Military (160th SOAR), and Olympic (Team Canada Women's volleyball) athletes and teams. 

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