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1 on 1 Athlete Consulting

Our most common service which involves 3-4 meetings monthly. We work to improve performance through psychological processes.

Tour Golf Development

Playing pro golf is hard, especially at the tour level. We specialize in working with professional golfers to assist in their game through increasing psychological flexibility.  

Group/Team  Workshops

We offer group workshops that meet exactly what your group needs. Each workshop can vary in length and can be individually designed.

Coaching the Coach

We offer coaching for coaches on how to get better for themselves, and ways to be there for their athletes in the mental performance context.

Performance Consulting Supervision

If you are looking to build your skills in performance psychology, each of us are thoroughly trained in applying psychology to performance. We offer monthly consultation to those interested. More info below.

Collegiate Sports Prep

If you are a youth athlete looking to play in college, or a parent looking to prepare your child for collegiate sport, we offer a program to assist in the mental preparation needed for collegiate athletics.


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